Software Installation

The ESRI desktop software runs under MicroSoft Windows. If you use an Intel-based Macintosh computer, you may still be able to use this software. See ESRI's information page for details.


To install the software on a campus computer, you need to have a network connected computer. This is required both to get the software installed, and to contact the license server when running the software. If you need to use the software when the network is not available (for example in the field) please contact The Spatial Initiative. We can set you up with a license for your laptop. (You will need to reinstall the license annually.)


First, go to the Start Menu, and select "Run". Type in the string "\\gisjane". Run gisjane
You may be presented with a dialog box to login on Gisjane. Login using your NSID. Note: if this box appears, you must append "@USASK" to your NSID name in the username field. Login on gisjane
You will see a list of directories on the server. One of these is the Desktop Install directory. Currently, the version of the software to install is 10.5 (Install_Desktop105). Select that folder.  List of directories on gisjane
This directory contains the installation file "Setup". Double click the file to install the software. The program will install ArcGIS 10.5 Desktop.

You will be asked to agree to the license for the program. Read the license for the Educational program license carefully. If you cannot agree to it, please contact the Spatial Initiative, and do not install the software.

List of directories on gisjane

Select the complete installation.

Install screen

Make sure that you select an installation target directory that has a lot of free disk space.


After this step, the installer will load Python (a scripting language), and then in two more steps install the software itself.

Python install

When installation has finished, you will be prompted to select the type of license you require.

If you are a student, and using a portable machine, you must borrow a license through the process outlined here.

 The selection for computers on campus should be ArcInfo (Concurrent).


Set the license manager to be gisjane


Note: if you have received a stand-alone license file, select ArcInfo (Single Use) and follow the instructions you received with the file.

List of directories on gisjane


After installation, you should run the files in the Patches directory to update ArcGIS to the current patch level.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact ICT Research Computing.