Part of the service provided to the university GIS community is software support for spatial analysis and visualisation. This is done through ICT's Research Computing group.


The University of Saskatchewan has a site license for many of the ESRI GIS products, commonly known as "ArcGIS". These can be installed on university owned computers, or used through the virtual computer lab.

Common issues

The most common issues involved with ArcGIS are:

  1. Append the @USASK extension to your NSID (e.g. abc123@USASK) when accessing the software install share on GISJANE to install the software.
  2. Enable extensions inside ArcGIS if the software claims that there are no license for the extension.
  3. The software may crash if it is installed along side LibreOffice, as the two packages both register the same file extension - dbf.
  4. The University is licensed for the "Data Interoperability" toolbox. However, it must be installed separately. To do this, go to the "\\GISJane\Install_ArcGIS10" share and run the install program. Select setup for "ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension".
  5. I get "Error 1935" when I try to install ArcGIS.
    This can be caused by a number of problems, but a common one is "too small a registry limit". 
  6. I can't print from ArcGIS.
    This is a known problem, currently without a consistent solution. A work around for this is to export your map to a PDF file and print the resulting file. (Go to the File menu, "Export Map ..." and save as a PDF.)