City Engine

City Engine is a three dimensional modelling package that enables viewing of urban landscapes. It is an ESRI product.

This software is available on campus for Windows, Linux and Macintosh. Currently this is distributed by SMB (CIFS) from the gisjane server as the share "CityEngine_2014". To access the server from windows, please see the instructions for installing ArcGIS, noting that the share name is different. Macintosh users can mount the file folder through the process outlined here. (The share name is cifs:// rather than the cabinet one shown.)

Linux users can access the system with smbclient. (Command line is as below, where NSID is replaced with your username.)

smbclient -W usask -U NSID '\\gisjane\CityEngine_2014'

Note that the software requires OpenGL on your computer to run. If you do not have a video card with OpenGL support, do not install the software. The software is optimised for recent NVidia and AMD video cards, and will complain during install if it doesn't detect those, but will run as long as OpenGL is available.

Installation procedure

Run the program - you will get an install screen. CE 2014 install
You will need to agree to the terms of usage. Please read the terms. Note that administrative use is not permitted. CE 2014
The initial setup program will install to a location, and asks for that location. Set that and continue. CE 2014
Install. CE 2014
CE 2014
Set the licensing options. This will authenticate against the campus license manager. CE 2014
Select the concurrent use option. CE 2014

Set the license manager to GISJANE

Click OK

CE 2014

You should now be able to run the program.