Borrowing licenses for ArcGIS

Due to a change in the contract for ESRI, we can no longer provide license files to students. We have made available licenses for borrowing so that students can use the software when on fieldwork off-campus.

  •  The license server is and you do have to be on campus or connected with the VPN to borrow a license.
  • After the license is borrowed, it can be used without connection to the network.
  • Borrow licenses for any toolkits (e.g. Spatial Analyst) that you may need.
  • Try to keep the license period as short as possible. You can return the license through the same process as borrowing, except that the licenses borrowed will be de-selected before clicking OK.

Process for borrowing a license:

This presumes that you have ArcGIS 10.2 (or higher) installed. Please install the software, if this is not the case.

  • Go to the start menu
  • Click on ArcGIS, then “ArcGIS Administrator”
  • A program box will come up as shown.
     ArcGIS Administrator
  • Click on the “Desktop” tab on the left panel
  • Click on Advanced (ArcInfo) Concurrent Use in the right panel
  • Click on "Change..." for the License Manager and type in “”
     Enter license manager
  • Click OK
  • Click on Borrow/Return on the left panel
  • Select “Desktop Advanced” and those toolboxes you need by clicking in the squares on the right panel
  • Set the borrow length
  • Click OK

You will now have a license that moves with you for the duration of the borrow time.

Renewing a license

You will get warnings as the end of your loan approaches. You will need to return the licenses you have now and borrow them again to renew the loan.

To return the licenses, go to the "borrow" window shown above, and clear (uncheck) all of the checked boxes. Click OK. There will be a delay as the licenses are returned.

Open that "borrow" window again, and repeat the steps above to get a new loan of the license(s) you need.