Positioning, Geocoding, and Navigation Indoors

label    Positioning, Geocoding, and Navigation Indoors

Human existence is played out in a variety of different spaces. Living, working, moving about, and playing in indoor spaces makes up large part of our daily lives. Providing unique tools that support the integration of traditional and innovative geomatics with indoor environments will have positive impacts on society. This proposal describes a multi-site industry-academic partnership with three objectives:

SPHERUTo develop an indoor positioning system relying on already available wireless internet signals (WiFi) with Global Positioning System (GPS)-like or better accuracy.

To investigate and implement sensor integration to develop a more holistic positioning system that benefits from the presence of many usable signals in indoor environments.

To develop and implement models for complex indoor spaces that will support geocoding, address-to-address navigation, and other position-dependent applications.


This innovative research project addresses a broad-scale problem in the field. In particular, it will advance geomatics in a type of environment that might be considered a final geographic frontier for geomatics: indoors. Furthermore, it will lead to long-term benefits to Canada in the form of new technologies and well-skilled HQP. Moreover, the resulting tools have a high potential for commercialization and for advancing spatial decision-making practice.