Examining Access to Health Care at the Neighbourhood Level

label  Examining Access to Health Care at the Neighbourhood Level

There is increasing concern in Canada about residents' ability to access primary health care services. Much of what we know about access and its determinants has been the product of research conducted at national and provincial scales of analysis. As such, we know little about how access to care varies at more local levels such as neighbourhoods. Health

Thus, in this research we propose to examine access to care within the context of neighbourhoods. The research will take place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Mississauga, Ontario. In part, access to care is dependent upon the physical availably of primary care, such as general practitioners and walk-in clinics. This research will examine neighbourhood variation in the distribution of primary health care services with a focus on primary care doctors with regular and after-hours clinics, as well as walk-in clinics; in addition, to provide a more nuanced examination of access, a cross-sectional telephone survey will be conducted to evaluate the use of primary care services in different types of neighbourhoods and the perception of those services by neighbourhood residents.