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label Saskatoon Local Food Map

  • The Saskatoon Local Food Map developed by partners in the Saskatoon Region Food System Assessment ( and designed by The Spatial Initiative, is a guide to farms, markets, retailers, restaurants and other businesses within a 100 km radius around Saskatoon that feature food grown within Saskatchewan. This interactive map categorizes the local food suppliers into the following seven groups:  U-Pick, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Farmgate Retail, Farmers Market, Catering, Retail and Restaurant within the Saskatoon Region.This map was developed through a partnership between various organizations working to strengthen the regional food system and enhance the long-term food security of people in the region. This map is one component of Saskatoon Region Food System Assessment ( being conducted by a group of diverse stakeholders who have been brought together to work collaboratively to understand, amongst other issues, the current state of regional food production in the Saskatoon region and to enhance understanding of consumer demand and potential linkages between producers and consumers.
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label Register your data

  • The intent of this map is to promote healthy regional food systems and to meet the demands from both local food businesses and consumers within the Saskatoon region for Saskatchewan-grown foods. This map is a work in progress that will be updated regularly. Additional information is welcome and can be registeredby emailing the completed template files LocalFoodTemplate.docx.

label Partners

The following organizations are partners in the Saskatoon Region Food System Assessment:

label Funders

  • In addition to the resources contributed by the partner organizations, the project has received grants from the Saskatoon Health Region Community Grants Program and the McConnell Foundation.

label What about the next version?

The interactive map is constantly being improved. The following is a partial list of items currently being evaluated for inclusion in the upcoming version:

  • When the list comes up after a search, the user will be able to click/unclick a box in the list and then refresh to refine the list based upon our needs.
  • A redesign of the banner image to include food images.
  • Customize the background food images.

Any comments, criticism, ideas, and feedback are more than welcome. Please contact Winston Zeng at The Spatial Initiative.