Esri Canada Scholarship

label  Esri Canada Scholarship



Esri Canada has selected the University of Saskatchewan as one of the institutions to whom it awards a scholarship for an outstanding student

      using GIS in innovative scholarly or research works.The scholarship consists of a cash

      award, software, books and access to training and Esri conferences. The Spatial Initiative

      selects the University's recipient. 




Applicants must include with their application: their curriculum vitae (résumé); a transcript of marks (at least a B+ average is required); and examples of research or class work involving ESRI technology. 


Past awardees:

  • 2018 : Boabang Owusu, PhD, Geography and Planning, (Supervisors Paul Hackett and Sarah Oosman)
  • 2017 : Gary Beckhusen, MA, Archaeology & Anthropology (Supervisor Glenn Stuart (Archaeology) & Colin Laroque (Soil Science))
  • 2016 : Dandan Xu, PhD, Geography and Planning, (Supervisor Xulin Guo) 
  • 2015 : Kay Jollymore, MA, Archaeology, (Supervisors Margaret Kennedy and Glenn Stuart)
  • 2014 : Jakub (Kuba) Szmigielski, MSc, Environmental Geochemistry (Supervisors Jim Hendry & Lee Barbour)
  • 2013 : Tayyab Shah, PhD, Geography and Planning (Supervisor Scott Bell)
  • 2012 : Dr. Lianne McLeod (DVM), MSc, Large Animal Clinical Sciences (Supervisor Cheryl Waldner)
  • 2011 : Amanda Burke, MSc, School of Environment and Sustainability (Supervisor Monique Dubé)
  • 2010 : Eric Vander Wal, PhD, Biology (Supervisors Philip D. McLoughlin and François Messier)
  • 2009 : Natalie Ludlow, PhD, Department of Geography and Planning (Supervisor Paul Hackett)
  • 2007 : Robert Armstrong, PhD, Centre for Hydrology and Department of Geography
  • 2006 : Mark Bidwell, PhD, Biology (Supervisor Bob Clarke)