The World Wide Web has changed the outlook on information, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are no exception. Web GIS, a combination of the Web and GIS, is an emerging trend in cartography. A special case of Web GIS is Mobile GIS, which is displayed on mobile computing devices, such as mobile phones, smart phones, GPS, and PDAs. Click screenshots below to see Web GIS projects and examples.

label Web GIS projects

Saskatchewan Aboriginal Map

1. Saskatchewan Aboriginal Map (aMap) visualizes aboriginal students, activities, engagement, and communities.

U of S International Map (iMap)

2. U of S International Map (iMap) catalogues international research, collaboration and mobility.                                      


Saskatoon Local Food Map

3. The Saskatoon Local Food Map developed by partners in the Saskatoon Region Food System Assessment (http://www.saskatoonfood.ca/) and designed by The Spatial Initiative, is a guide to farms, markets, retailers, restaurants and other businesses within a 100 km radius around Saskatoon that feature food grown within Saskatchewan.                             


  Indoor Navigation Project 4. Centerline Project: The Information and Communications Technology (ICT), CollegeMobile, and The Spatial Initiative have been developing a system that supports campus indoor navigation on mobile devices. Currently the link works only on U of S network. The project will be completed in the near future.
Graduate Applicants 5. U of S Graduate Program Map:  show the number of graduate applicants and students by geographic origin (on-going project)

 label Web GIS examples

Click to pop up a tap chart  1. Click on the map to pop up a tap chart.
Show feature details in a side panel. 2. Show feature details in a side panel.
Display 911 calls and a hotspot raster using a geoprocessing result map service 3. Display 911 calls and a hotspot raster using a geoprocessing result map service.                                                                                                                                                             
Daily Gas Price  4. Daily gas price data by state in America is retrieved from AAA and plotted on the map.                                                                                                                                              
Population 5. Generate a Natural Breaks renderer with five classes
Flickr  6. Click a fr (Flickr) feature on the map to pop up photos.
Route Services 7. Click on the map to calculate the service area around the input location.
Route Directions 8. Calculate a route and display driving directions.
Track the path of a hurricane 9. Track the path of a hurricane to predict its speed and directions.
Calculate Population  10. Use a function to calculate the value used to render a feature.                                                                                                                                                                         
Closest Facilities

11. Find the closest facilities to an input location.

labelMobile GIS Example

 Click the following screeshot with your mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad to see a mobile GIS example.

Mobile GIS    Track users' location as they move.

label Interactive activities: create your own online maps

 The samples below use several HTML5 technologies to access files from disk. They may not work on all browsers.

Try the activities with the Firefox or Chrome browser.

Drap and Drop a file

Activity 1: Drag a csv file with lat/long information and drop them on the map to display the data as graphics.                                                                                                                        


Pharmacy Activity 2: Create an online Saskatoon Pharmacy Location map